Friday, February 25, 2011

polka dot long sleeve T

  • item: long sleeve cute long sleeve T. 
  • size: m (small L can fit)
  • condition: never worn, new
  • price: rm12

men's belt

  • item: DUNHILL unoriginal men's belt. finely made, 99% looks like original. bought for my ex last year. material unknown (maybe pvc, or maybe real leather)
  • condition: new, unused
  • price: rm40 with postage

Thursday, February 24, 2011


  • item: dark brown knee length dress.
  • size: m
  • condition: 9/10 (wore around 3 times)
  • price: rm 10

polka dot top

  • item: p&co polka dot top. batwing sleeves (or almost batwing ^^) belt is not included.
  • size: m
  • condition: 8/10. quite worn off. wore a lot of time but it is still good. no defect.
  • price: rm8

yellow top

  • item: topshop light yellow top. wide arms opening. have some defects. there are stains but not too visible (image 2 and 3) and at the back there is a very small torn (image 4).
  • size: L
  • condition: 7/10
  • price: rm12

googles top

  • item: light blue sleeveless top
  • size: m
  • condition: 10/10
  • price: rm9


  • item: pdi spaghetti straps. 
  • size: m
  • condition: 10/10. wore a few times only.
  • price: rm8

pink stripey long shirt

  • item: long shirt. 3 quarter sleeves. knitted kind of material.
  • size: free size, best fit m i guess
  • condition: 10/10. no defect. wore around 5 times.
  • price: rm10

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a little shades in the sun ^^

  • Giorgio Armani tortoise shell shades not original.
  • condition: 9/10 (the writings on the glasses is kinda fade a lil, 3rd pic)
  • price: rm9 (bought at rm39.90)
*da ada orang book ^^*

white cincher

  • comfy white cincher
  • condition: 5/10. there are stains but i believe it'll go once washed. shows sign of wearing. wore around 10 times.
  • price: rm4
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~leopard print big belt~

  • pink large waist belt
  • condition: 8/10 (have some small defect as shown in 3rd picture, wore only once)
  • brand: dolce donna (italy)
  • price: rm10

Friday, February 11, 2011

^ goddess dress ^

  • this nice dress fits petite girl most since the length is just below the knee for a girl with 167cm height. so it will be a long dress for girl with 157 n below. the strap is in suede.
  • looks like one of the goddess dress because of the details at the chest area (if only this dress is in white,haha)
  • size: uk6 (s)
  • condition: 8/10 (a bit lusuh)
  • price: rm14

vintage dress 2

  • superbly vintage with the prints and the design. however, this dress is quite heavy.
  • size: m
  • condition: 10/10
  • price: rm15

vintage dress 1

belt at the waist
detail on the shoulders

  • flowery sweet pink dress that look almost like the old english dress.
  • size: m
  • condition: 7.5/10 (kinda washed out)
  • price: rm 10

shiny grey dress

  • nice dress...kinda vintage look specially at the neck area. have two pockets at the side of the dress. belt is not included.
  • size: m
  • condition: 9/10. i wanna put it perfect 10 but i've worn it quite several times, but no defect at all, still perfect.
  • price: rm15


  • dark purple crystal neclace from sabah.
  • very unique..and gojes ^^
  • condition: perfect 10
  • selling it cheap at rm15

  • item: green large neclace
  • condition: no defect at all.
  • price: rm9

  • item: white long neclace
  • condition: 9/10
  • price: rm8
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